ARC Wellness

ARC Wellness, Educate Initiate and Integrate Healthy Lifestyles


ARC Wellness & Healthy Lifestyles offers a full menu of exciting activities!

If you think eating healthy and increasing your movement and stamina sounds boring…think again!

ARC Wellness achieves healthy lifestyles through a variety of ongoing nutrition and movement events. A sampling of some of our many on-site activities include: Zumba, chair yoga, walking for wellness, healthy helpings MyPlate card game and volleyball.

We also offer a robust list of community wellness options including elliptical bike riding, cardiovascular and strength training at the YMCA, Vertical Adventures indoor rock climbing, TAASC kayaking, $10 for a Kroger shopping visit, Cooking Matters cooking class, 5K race at JFK Park, and grooving to the music at Fred Astaire… just to name a few!

Join us for our ongoing weekly activities and maintain your progress in establishing a healthy and happy lifestyle. Admission is free. You have nothing to lose!